EVs Threaten to Crash the Power Grid

(RepublicanNews.org) – Alex Jones is famous for a host of reasons. To his critics, his notoriety is ill-placed and based on nothing but lies and conspiracy. To his proponents, one of the broadcaster’s often-cited qualities is what he himself refers to as his “overhead document camera shots.”

During his November 13th broadcast, Jones used a compilation of legacy reports to show what he said were the negative results of electric vehicle usage on the nation’s power grid. Each episode of Infowars features a lengthy segment in which Jones shows the audience dozens of printouts of mainstream new articles, during which he offers viewers and listeners his own additional commentary.

According to Jones, the establishment is intentionally running pieces that are collectively preparing the public for blackouts. The potential grid-down scenarios are being framed as beneficial in the fight against climate change, he says.

The first piece the host chose to cover during the episode was pulled directly from the Los Angeles Times and was titled with a question that asked readers if “an occasional blackout” would help solve the climate crisis. Jones ties the opinion piece in with what he claims is a prior study that revealed the nation’s entire grid would collapse if only 10% of cars in California went electric.

According to his following comments, he asserts that one single full charge of an EV is equal to the average American home’s power consumption for an entire week. Jones described the Biden administration’s green energy policies as “a bridge to nowhere” and said the carbon footprint involved in the production of things like windmill facilities is far greater than what they are supposed to be offsetting in the coal and oil industries. Never mind the fact that the electricity used to charge these electric vehicles would likely still come from a power plant that uses fossil fuels.

According to another Infowars report, the average EV charging station consumes more electricity in one hour than a combined 280 homes. Another report recently acknowledged that the nationwide grid will need a massive upgrade before it can handle EVs.

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