Ex-CNN Reporter Says Hamas Is Being Framed

(RepublicanNews.org) – For those who are unaware, CNN has indeed fired hosts for reasons other than their treatment of co-workers, intimate performances during Zoom meetings, conflicts of interest with family members, and abysmal ratings. In 2018, the network canned then-Temple University professor Marc Lamont Hill for his use of a slogan many have become reacclimated to since the events of October 7th in Israel.

On scores of American college campuses and the downtown streets of any number of major cities, seemingly pro-Palestinian protestors have taken to yelling in unison, “From the [Jordan] river to the [Mediterranean] sea.” Some have suggested the phrase is merely a blanket term promoting the establishment of a Palestinian State through peaceful means.

That may or may not be the case, but one certainty is inescapable, be it right or wrong. The same six-word motto is included in verbatim fashion in Hamas’ 2017 charter. Hill’s use of the tagline during a 2018 United Nations speech in New York is what precipitated CNN’s issuance of his pink slip.

From the perspective of Hamas, the term is a reference to the group’s wish to completely rid the region of the Israeli State and all of its Jewish citizens. Despite his U.N. statements apparently not being tolerated by CNN, Hill was able to find work at Al-Jazeera, where he now hosts a program called “UpFront.”

The now-City University of New York professor has found himself embroiled in controversy again, at least according to some Western outlets. Since the outbreak of war in Israel, Hill has spoken at length about the conflict. On his own program and as a guest elsewhere, he has asserted that American broadcasters are “framing” Hamas as a “terrorist” organization.

According to Hill, a more accurate designator would see Hamas labeled as a “governmental organization.” He has insisted that the majority of stateside narratives use the “terrorist” designation as a means of delegitimizing the group.

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