Ex-Google CEO Says AI Will Cause Problems For 2024 Election

(RepublicanNews.org) – Former Google executive Eric Schmidt says major problems are on the horizon for the 2024 election cycle because social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook aren’t cracking down on deceptive content generated by artificial intelligence. Schmidt believes that advanced AI will lead to misinformation being widespread.

Instead of more resources being devoted to tackling the problem known as false generated AI, Schmidt says safety groups are becoming smaller. Social media is failing to protect their users and the elections of 2024 “are going to be a mess,” he says.

Schmidt served as Google’s CEO for a decade, with his tenure ending in 2011. He maintained ties with the business until 2018 by working as the executive chairman for their parent company Alphabet.

Schmidt has made a number of statements suggesting that humans should be wary of unrestricted AI development. The former CEO has differentiated between unintended repercussions in the short term and consequences in the long term. “Misinformation,” is the danger in the short term, he says.

Shmidt said long-term risks could see “many people harmed or killed” should the technology fall into the wrong hands and be “misused by evil people.”

Responding to the recent announcement from YouTube that the company would stop censoring or removing content that is critical of the 2020 election results, Schmidt reacted by saying that free speech should be limited to humans. Creators often avoid certain words and phrases for fear of censorship. Youtube is owned by Google.

Schmidt has proposed that all social media content should be marked so consumers are able to differentiate between human-generated postings and those created by AI. While this doesn’t eliminate misinformation, he says it gives users a starting point for substantiating what is real and what is not.

Despite being a proponent of content being labeled, Schmidt is on record saying he does not believe the U.S. government will establish a regulatory agency for AI.

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