Expert Warns European Grid Could Collapse If Russia Cuts Oil

Expert Warns European Grid Could Collapse If Russia Cuts Oil

Expert Sounds The Alarm On Putin’s Most DESTRUCTIVE Ace-In-The-Hole

( – There’s more than just Ukraine’s sovereignty on the line right now, as many countries in the European Union (EU) have condemned Russia’s invasion. Much of the EU’s natural gas comes from the invading nation, but as the war continues and more countries impose sanctions on the Russian Federation, Putin is cutting the amount of energy they send to the EU. Experts warn that the union’s grid could fail if the nation fully slashes the supply.

According to Breitbart News, commodities analyst Christian Kopfer asserted that if Putin decided not to supply his nation’s gas to Europe, it would certainly strain the grid. Kopfer said the voltage in the power would drop, and if it fell too low, the system would fail completely, leaving countless people without electricity or heat.

Many EU countries, including Germany, get a majority of their natural gas from Russia, which has already begun cutting back its supply.

If Russia did slash exports to Germany, it would subtract nearly 200 billion euros from its economy in just six months. The gas supplier has already reduced its output to only 20%, hindering the German government’s ability to reach its goal of having the country’s reserve 90% full by winter. Residents in nations dependent on Russia for gas could be forced to survive without access to electricity or heat, making for a dark and cold winter.

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