Experts Are Concerned About Trump’s Supporters

( – President Donald Trump’s long-awaited federal indictment has arrived after an anxious multiple-month wait. Mainstream media claims Trump supporters are calling for violence in the name of defending the nation’s 45th President. A “dangerous atmosphere” accompanied Trump in Miami as he appeared in court for the second time in recent months, according to the pundits.

Citing online posts, along with the comments of a Congressman, and pointing out that much of Trump’s base is armed, an uprising is in the works, these commentators say. The pundits claim Trump’s supporters view him as the target of a Justice Department bent on preventing his 2024 run. President Biden, they say, has turned the Department into a loaded weapon intent on taking out his opponent in the next national election.

Academics and self-styled experts on political violence comment continually about the events of January 6 and the rhetoric taking place on social media prior to those events. But these commentators do not mention the alleged presence of undercover FBI agents and political instigators, nor do they examine how this might be related to the violence that followed. During a trial against the group the Oathkeepers, it was revealed that there were at least 20 FBI agents in the crowd.

Many prominent conservatives have taken aggressive stances on social media in regard to Trump’s recent charges, including Kari Lake, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Representative Andy Biggs (R-AZ). “Retribution is coming,” wrote Guilfoyle.

Mainstream media commentators are saying that even if kinetic violence is not the end result of harsh rhetoric if left unchecked, that rhetoric will lead to a general acceptance of violence as an acceptable outcome. Mary McCord, a Justice Department official who specializes in extremism, says that politicians who engage in extremist rhetoric are not being held to account and that until they are, there is “little deterrent” to prevent them from using such language.

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