Experts Believe Government is Blacking Out Info On Maui

Experts Believe Government is Blacking Out Info On Maui

( – It appears that establishment media and government forces are unhappy with an unfiltered presentation of the facts following Maui’s ravaging series of wildfires. Zero Hedge’s pseudonymous Tyler Durden said the story has become “less about” the devastation leveled on the island and “more about” the “bizarre” actions of the government in response to the tragic events.

Woke presentations from local, state, and national bureaucrats have been in full view for anyone with internet access, but many are now claiming that in addition to information being presented with a left-wing tilt, efforts at reporting the truth are being blacked out altogether.

Hawaii Governor Josh Green, a Democrat, called citizen reports circulating on social media “idiotic.” An official that followed the Governor after his August 16 comments told people to “get off” their phones and tablets. The most-viewed Twitter response to Green’s words said that citizen reports accounted for the “only source for any truth.”

Zero Hedge’s recent piece alleges that government attempts at censoring coverage on Maui extend beyond the suppression of independent reporting. Mainstream journalists from corporate news organizations also allege being denied physical access to locations and information by default.

During one broadcast, Fox’s Will Cain alluded to his assumption that his organization was “the only national media” in the western part of Maui. Cain told viewers that the only reason his outlet was able to go beyond “the security checkpoints” was because his family owned property in the area. The reporter went on to say that Maui’s mayor eventually confronted him after declaring the area a “media-free zone” and attempted to kick his crew out.

In a moment of frustration, the editor for Maui Times took to YouTube to allege that local and regional officials have “gone radio silent” and will not respond to her questions. The editor further accused local police of denying her physical access to locations as well as intentionally misleading her.

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