Facebook Backtracks After Targeting Conservative Publisher

Facebook Backtracks After Targeting Conservative Publisher

(RepublicanNews.org) – Social media, namely Facebook and Twitter, have become a significant part of people’s lives. Information users share on these platforms has the power to influence public opinion and even start entire movements. That’s why people cried foul after the tech giants banned former President Trump; many believe the sites actively seek to censor conservative voices. Both social platforms deny their bias, but their actions say otherwise.

Raising Suspicion

On December 23, Facebook locked the account of conservative children’s book publisher Heroes and Liberty. The platform also disabled a number of the company’s ads. Facebook claimed it based the partial ban on Heroes and Liberty after discovering an ad that promoted books about Ronald Reagan and Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

The publisher appealed the decision; Facebook implemented a permanent ban in response. The social media giant then claimed it reviewed the appeal and concluded that Heroes and Liberty failed to follow community standards on disruptive, low-quality content.

Facebook’s True Colors

Facebook’s censorship of Heroes and Liberty isn’t the first instance where the big tech giant has banned conservative accounts. Both it and Twitter banned former President Donald Trump in 2020. He responded to the sanction by creating his own social media site.

In January, Twitter also banned US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) after she posted what the site deemed as misinformation about COVID-19. That’s a little bit ironic. Both social media giants continue to allow the Taliban and Hamas to use their platforms to project hate and extremism.

Was their ban indeed about disruptive and low-quality content? Or is there a deeper reason for the ban?

A Full 180

After significant amounts of criticism and backlash online, Facebook’s parent company, Meta, insisted that the Heroes and Liberty ban was a mistake. The social media platform restored all functionality to the publisher’s page on January 3. Heroes and Liberty board member Bethany Mandel claims that neither Facebook nor Meta informed the publisher of the restoration.

Instead, the tech giant told members of Congress, who contacted Heroes and Liberty to let them know of the social platform’s decision.

What will come of the blatant mistreatment of conservatives on social media? Will these companies ever face accountability for their actions? They will continue their current actions if they don’t fear punishment. If these tech giants truly cared about misinformation and offensive content, the Taliban and similar groups wouldn’t still use their platforms to promote their lifestyles and beliefs.

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