Father Furious After Child Returns from School With Something Disturbing

(RepublicanNews.org) – A father in the Australian city of Perth found himself consumed with rage after getting his hands on what was supposed to be a pleasant Father’s Day gift that had been crafted by his young daughter at her local elementary school. The thoughtful gesture quickly turned south for the concerned Aussie parent after he noticed that the gift appeared to be endorsing suicide.

Trent Howard, the father in question, said his 6-year-old arrived home with a classroom-made paper activity dice. Each of the six sides of the cubed object had a different pre-printed suggestion as to how a father might be cheered up should they find themselves having a down day. After cheerfully flipping the dice a number of times, Howard discovered the square’s final option.

The parent saw a colored-in bullet along with text that said the item should only be administered “when all else fails.” Howard told a local Perth outlet that he was immediately filled with disgust after encountering the image and its apparent pro-suicide message.

He and his wife say they confronted both the administration and their child’s teacher at Connolly Primary School, but the couple claim they were told the activity was rooted in sarcasm and not meant to be a literal suggestion. Renea, Howard’s wife, said the gift was anything but funny.

Trent told a reporter that he already has an unusual sense of humor, but that suggestions of suicide have no place in a school setting where children are involved. He and his wife say both sides of their families have experienced the tragedy before.

A psychologist familiar with the incident said that what happened at the primary school could have long-lasting effects on both children and their parents. They said children especially are apt to interpret statements “very literally.”

According to the statistics, Australia deals with about nine suicides per day. Unlike their American counterparts, Aussies celebrate Father’s Day in early September.

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