Father Linked To MURDER? – Documentary Reveals Details

Casey Anthony Accuses Her Own Dad Of Abuse

Casey Anthony Accuses Her Own Dad Of Abuse

(RepublicanNews.org) – Casey Anthony, a woman accused and acquitted of killing her two-year-old daughter, Caylee, recently took part in a documentary focusing on her side of the tragic story. The accused mother dropped a bombshell claim, hurling allegations that her father was abusive and blaming him for the death of her child.

In the docu-series “Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies,” the now 36-year-old alleged that her father, George Anthony, repeatedly raped and sexually abused her as a child. She claimed her dad would come into her room and smother her with a pillow until she was unconscious. The young woman asserted she was concerned the same had happened to her daughter.

Casey Anthony declared her belief that the alleged rapist killed the toddler to cover up what he’d done to her. She recalled not feeling well and having her daughter lie down with her, only to wake up to him asking where the two-year-old was. Anthony noted it seemed strange because the child wouldn’t have just left without telling her.

Miss Anthony then recalled finding her father with her unconscious daughter, who was soaking wet. The 36-year-old mentioned him blaming her for the situation but wasn’t in a rush to call emergency services. The family had an above-ground pool, but Anthony asserted there hadn’t been a ladder in place for her daughter to climb into the hazard. The acquitted mother believes her dad staged the drowning as part of his cover-up scheme.

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