Fauci Considering Emergency Declaration on Monkeypox Outbreak

Fauci Considering Emergency Declaration on Monkeypox Outbreak

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(RepublicanNews.org) – On the heels of the over two-year-long coronavirus pandemic comes another issue that could spell problems for the United States: monkeypox. On July 25, NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared on CNN, where he announced that the White House is thinking about declaring the spread of orthopoxvirus a national “emergency.”

Although Fauci stopped short of giving his professional opinion, he confirmed the administration is taking the issue “very seriously.” Before making any sweeping proclamations, the NIAID doctor said he wanted to confer with his team.

Fauci also said he doesn’t think the entire population will have to vaccinate against the new potential threat, but he stopped short of ruling out the possibility. The White House chief medical advisor indicated that the medical community has given over 300,000 doses of the appropriate vaccine to people most at risk and those already exposed.

CNN displayed graphics that suggest some 3,487 cases of the virus are currently unfolding within the US during the same segment. As of July 20, over 19,000 cases of monkeypox had been reported across 76 different countries worldwide.

Medical experts have suggested that the orthopoxvirus spreads through bodily fluid contact with an infected person. While the WHO calls human-to-human transmission “limited,” it admits the illness is contagious and has the potential to spread rapidly via lesions, respiratory droplets, and objects within a sick individual’s environment.

What do you think a potential emergency declaration would mean for American citizens in their everyday lives?

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