FBI Chief Warns of Rising Domestic Threats Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict

(RepublicanNews.org) – Following the October 7th actions of Hamas against Israel, pundits and politicians took to the airwaves to wonder if Islamic militants or so-called sleeper agents would launch similar attacks in Western nations.

During an October 14th speech, the director of the FBI appeared to acknowledge the potentiality, albeit from a different angle, and conveyed that there had been an increase in the number of domestic threats that were being reported.

Christopher Wary admitted to attendees at a gathering of police chiefs in California that “foreign terrorist organizations” could pose a threat to the homeland, but also appeared to suggest that white supremacists could be just as dangerous. Violence at the hands of racially motivated Americans has been a consistent theme of the Biden administration, and Wray did not fail to mention it.

The director said that “domestic violent extremists” who are motivated by their unique form of “racial animus” are a cause for worry. Wray suggested that the homegrown variety of extremism could see communities targeted because of their ethnicity or faith. The leader of the FBI said the agency remains committed to addressing both of those threats.

In the wake of their Israeli invasion, leaders of Hamas called for October 13th to be an international “Day of Jihad” on the part of Muslims around the world. There were a number of protests in a number of countries, but outside an isolated knifing in France, nothing overtly significant took place.

Police in the United States monitored synagogues and other similar venues, but the FBI said they did not have any actionable intelligence that suggested an attack of some sort was in the works. Many have said the Biden administration should be focusing its efforts on America’s porous Southern border.

Since October 1st, two Iranians from America’s terror watchlist have been apprehended trying to cross into the United States. In the last year, 151 terror suspects have been indicted.

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