FBI Did Nothing After They Learned About Plots Against Mitt Romney

FBI Did Nothing After They Knew About Plots Against Mitt Romney

(RepublicanNews.org) – The job of law enforcement is to serve and protect the community. That’s just as true for local police as it is for the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). Yet, a recent Washington Post exclusive claims the agency failed to act on threats against Senator Mitt Romney on January 6.

Officials instead labeled the warnings as “aspirational” and dismissed them over credibility concerns.

At least one of the threats included in the Washington Post’s report shows attackers fully intended to target Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT). Romney’s office claims the FBI never warned them of any possible danger ahead of the January 6 incident.

A senior official in the Department of Homeland Security told reporters that the capitol riot changed how it analyzes and detects potential threats. The same individual confirmed that intelligence agencies and local law enforcement would become more dynamic in the future, paying closer attention to statements people made in online spaces.

The fact that the FBI knew about a potential threat to a Senator — regardless of which side of the aisle he happened to stand on — and neglected to act is concerning. It also raises another critical question: Could the FBI have stopped the January 6 Capitol Riots simply by taking action against threats from the moment they first discovered them?

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