FBI Investigating Joe Biden’s Brother (REPORT)

FBI Investigating Joe Biden's Brother (REPORT)

(RepublicanNews.org) – Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden’s family hit the news cycle again this week, but not in a good way. On December 9, the Democratic nominee’s son, Hunter Biden, issued a statement announcing his attorney was contacted regarding an investigation into his tax affairs by officials operating out of Delaware’s US Attorney’s Office. The younger Biden is also reportedly under investigation by officials at the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York.

Additionally, POLITICO reported Joe Biden’s brother, James, is the subject of a criminal investigation being overseen by federal officials operating out of Pennsylvania’s Western District.

James Biden Under Investigation

FBI agents reportedly have been exploring James Biden’s dealings with a hospital company named Americore Health. Very little is currently known about his connection with the company.

Amid bankruptcy proceedings, Americore has faced allegations of financial irregularities, and FBI agents executed a search warrant at one of its facilities earlier this year.

Former business contacts have alleged that James Biden attempted to use his brother’s political standing to influence business transactions with Americore. However, he disputed those claims.

Biden Campaign Distances Itself

A representative from the Biden campaign spoke to POLITICO earlier this year, telling them the presidential hopeful never discussed or supported Americore with his brother. However, Americore founder Grant White admitted to meeting Joe Biden at a 2017 fundraising event hosted by the Beau Biden Foundation.

President Donald Trump has come under harsh criticism in the past for allegedly meddling in criminal probes into former associates, family members, and the Trump Organization. So far, nothing has come of those investigations.

However, problems associated with the Biden family and their overseas business dealing go back several years. With the sheer volume of smoke surrounding the family, there’s every reason to think investigators will eventually find a raging fire. Whether or not anyone in the Biden family will see charges remains unknown — at least for now. We’ll keep you updated.

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