Federal Judge Strikes Down Biden Border Rules

(RepublicanNews.org) – President Joe Biden’s policies on the mass release of illegal immigrants into the U.S. are illegal and amount to nothing but a “meaningless line in the sand,” according to a federal judge who struck them down on March 8th.

Florida judge T. Kent Wetherell ruled for the state of Florida, striking down the White House’s “Alternatives to Detention” rule that released illegal immigrants into the U.S. by “humanitarian parole.” Wetherell wrote that the Biden administration had turned the Southwest Border into a “speed bump for aliens flooding into this country.”

The ruling also took aim at “catch and release,” a common approach used by the Biden administration when dealing with illegal immigrants. Wetherell’s ruling said the approach had degraded the borders of the U.S. into meaninglessness.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody was pleased with the decision, saying it vindicated what White House critics have said all along. Biden’s immigration policies had made the country less safe, Moody said, and the White House should secure the Border immediately and do its job to protect Americans.

The Biden approach to illegal entry into the U.S. has been extremely lenient, provoking accusations from critics that the White House is actively encouraging illegal and undocumented aliens to walk right in. The administration has made heavy use of “parole” to release migrants quickly in order to reduce crowding at border checkpoints.

But, they say, the law that allows “humanitarian parole” is meant to be used on a case-by-case basis for actual humanitarian reasons, not as a broad solution to congestion.

Florida argued before the court that the federal government is violating federal law that clearly requires migrants to be detained, not released. As expected, the Biden administration claims that is not true, and that it has “no non-detention policy.”

Judge Wetherell stayed his ruling for seven days to allow time for an appeal.

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