Feds Make Horrifying Power Grab for FTC

Feds Make Horrifying Power Grab for FTC

(RepublicanNews.org) – The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is a stand-alone government agency with the task of protecting consumers and enforcing US antitrust laws. Earlier this year, Biden appointed Lina Khan as the new chairperson for the FTC, making her the youngest and most progressive person to hold the position.

Since her appointment, Khan has aggressively led the FTC and has made some eye-opening policy changes. Despite its extensive political support, Khan scrapped a 25-year-old Obama-era policy without any newly implemented guidelines just one month after her appointment. Under her leadership, the FTC also did away with the  practice of prior approval for mergers.

The agency also made it possible to push through an investigation with the support of a single commissioner, whereas before, the FTC needed a majority of commissioners to sign off.

Still, none of this compares to what the agency is now looking to do. The commission is currently attempting to ban or restrict non-compete and exclusionary contract clauses. The authority that allows the FTC to accomplish this task is unclear, but it appears the commission relies on a ban of unfair methods of competition found in Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act.

If the FTC succeeds in using Section 5 to ban non-compete clauses, the power is no longer in the hands of the people in all 50 states. Instead, three unelected commissioners in the FTC will hold all the power, seizing the ability to override the American people with a horrifying power grab that could affect everyone.

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