Feinstein’s Cognitive Decline Reaches New Levels

(RepublicanNews.org) – The age-related decline among politicians has become a prominent topic given the age of President Joe Biden and many longtime leaders in Congress, and Dianne Feinstein’s age and ability are now under the microscope.

Feinstein, who has served California in the Senate for 30 years, appears to be increasingly confused about where she is and where she has spent her time recently. Feinstein did not attend the Senate from February until May of this year because of complications from shingles. She is apparently dealing with a neurological disorder, Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, which sometimes follows a shingles flare-up.

When she returned to Congress, she could be seen and heard on video apparently unaware that she had been away. But Feinstein’s apparent lack of mental clarity is not new. The 89-year-old Democrat seemed confused last year when she noticed Vice President Kamala Harris presiding over the Senate during votes that required a tie-breaker.

According to one source, Feinstein said, “What is she doing here?”

When the Senate reaches a stalemate, the Constitution gives the Vice President the tie-breaking vote. During the first two years of the Biden presidency, such votes were common as the body was evenly split between Republicans and Democrats. Party-line votes have become almost universal as the country has reached a level of political polarization unseen in recent memory.

What had been whispered about is now being spoken more candidly when it comes to Feinstein’s ability to carry out her duties. Last year, some lawmakers and former staffers for Feinstein told the San Francisco Chronicle that her memory was failing and she was unable to carry out her duties in the Senate. Critics have increasingly questioned whether it is Feinstein, whom voters elected, or her staff who are performing her job.

Feinstein announced in February that she would not be seeking re-election in 2024, though even then she seemed uncertain, and appeared at times to be unaware she had made that announcement.

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