Financial Questions Arise: Hunter Biden’s $250k Wire from Beijing

( – Hunter Biden’s attorneys appear to be changing their story. What they initially said was a $250,000 “loan” has now been shown to be a “personal investment” thanks to recently uncovered banking records. The younger Biden’s legal team had also first claimed that the sum in question had never yielded a “return on” any “investment.” How his team intends to explain the apparent anomaly is yet to be seen.

According to a September 26th report from Fox News, the President’s son received a total of $260,000 in wires from his Chinese associates in Beijing in the middle of 2019. Joe Biden’s Delaware residence was listed as the beneficiary address for those transactions.

The findings follow previous statements from Abbe Lowell in which the attorney had insisted that the overseas wires were part of “a documented loan.” At the time, Lowell had said that Joe Biden’s home address was used as the designated endpoint because it was the address listed on Hunter Biden’s driver’s license.

The younger Biden had no permanent residence during that period and was forced to default to his parent’s home address out of necessity, according to Lowell. Address particulars aside, Fox is reporting that the genesis of the funds has been connected to BHR Partners, an investment firm in China that Hunter Biden is reported to have sat on the board of.

Whether the President’s son did or did not have a place on the board, it is well-known that BHR was a cooperative effort between Rosemont Seneca and a separate Chinese financial firm known as Bohai Capital. For those unaware, Rosemont Seneca was Hunter Biden’s stateside advisory business.

The $260,000 that flowed from BHR into Hunter Biden’s U.S.-based bank account was broken down into two increments. The first lesser transfer of $10,000 was listed as a “loan” and the second larger amount of $250,000 was labeled as a “personal investment.”

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