Fire-Alarm-Pulling Democrat Calls Republicans Nazis

( – In a series of moments that many would find likely comparable to the effects of a snowball rolling down a hill, New York Rep. and member of “The Squad” Jamaal Bowman took what most would probably consider to be an already terrible decision and amplified it into a state of virality.

Most readers are probably familiar with the initial “fire alarm” event that kicked it all off, but for those who aren’t, here is a brief synopsis. On September 30th, as members of the U.S. House of Representatives were attempting to avert a government shutdown, Bowman pulled a Capitol Hill fire alarm in a small hallway adjacent to where the vote was taking place.

His actions briefly delayed the vote but did not stop it altogether. Shortly thereafter, surveillance video showing Bowman pulling the lever found its way into the ether of the media. The Rep. from New York quickly released a statement and said he was “embarrassed to admit” he was mistakenly responsible for the incident, but that he had actually been trying to “open” a nearby door.

Bowman’s statement went on to read that he had in no way been trying to delay the vote. As many might expect, his Republican counterparts began lambasting him immediately, with some even saying that the event was serious enough to warrant his ousting from Congress. At the same time, many of his Democrat colleagues came to his defense.

No matter the reasons behind Bowman’s decision, his office began circulating a memo to House Democrats in which it was suggested they defend him from his “Nazi” Republican detractors in any released statements or upcoming media appearances. The memo in question was leaked and on October 2nd, Bowman released yet another statement.

The Rep. claimed that his staff had been responsible for inserting the “Nazi” reference without his knowledge. He condemned their “inappropriate” choice of words.

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