First 10 Days of August See Over 40k Border Arrests

( – While mainstream outlets were busy accusing the Texas Governor of trying to kill illegal immigrants with circular saws, Customs and Border Protection agents were busy apprehending enough migrants in only the first 10 days of August to fill eight aircraft carriers.

CBP reported capturing just shy of 40,000 illegal aliens attempting to cross America’s southern border outside legal points of entry during that time frame.

Via Breitbart, the Rio Grande Valley and Tucson Sectors each reported over 10,000 captures. The 10-day tally for Rio Grande Sector apprehensions sits at almost 10,500 and the number for Tucson reached almost 10,900.

Texas is administratively split between five sectors. Of the 39,324 total reported CBP apprehensions, 23,119 occurred in the state. If the crossing trajectory remains unchanged, CBP will engage with about 177,000 illegal aliens by the end of the month.

In June, CBP agents reported making about 99,500 arrests. The following month, the agency reported making over 130,000 apprehensions. Month over month, the numbers made for a 30 percent increase in interdictions. August’s current rate of apprehensions is on track for another month-over-month increase of about 27 percent.

In July, CBP reported arresting around 40,000 illegal crossers in Arizona’s Tucson Sector. It was the largest one-month total in a decade and a half.

June apprehensions dropped 42 percent from those made in May and CBP attributed the decrease to the expiration of Title 42. Numbers from July and the first portion of August suggest that interception rates are on track to reach or top those amassed before the title’s expiration.

In July, the CBP announced they were “expanding the number of” asylum appointments available at designated border crossings. Those appointments are made via the “CBP One app,” which allows noncitizens to schedule crossings with border officials. Senator Josh Hawley has referred to the app as a “concierge service” for illegals.

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