Florida Dentist Found Guilty of Hiring Hitman

(RepublicanNews.org) – In spite of the scores of Dateline features produced on the topic, society still appears to have the odd individual who thinks they’ll be able to get away with hiring a hitman. It remains to be seen if the latest murder-for-hire developments from Florida will yield an episode of the NBC mainstay, but it would likely be unsurprising to many if it does.

According to Sunshine State prosecutors, a Tallahassee dentist by the name of Charles Adelson hired a duo of hitmen to “take care of” his sister’s ex-husband. A jury agreed with their assertions and convicted the healthcare professional on November 6th, almost a full decade after the murder took place.

“Charlie” Adelson was not arrested for his role in the events until April 2022. When he finally was, the dentist faced first-degree murder charges, despite not pulling the trigger himself. The now-convicted felon was additionally charged with conspiracy to engage in murder in the first degree and with solicitation related to his hiring of the hitmen in question.

According to authorities, the genesis of the events was a child custody battle between Adelson’s sister and his former brother-in-law, Daniel Markel, who was a well-known law professor at Florida State University. The professor was apparently able to use his legal knowledge to his benefit in the case because the judge ultimately chose to side with him.

He was granted custody of his children and his wife was reportedly left bitter and devastated. Authorities said that devastation extended by default to Charlie Adelson and he hatched a plan to have his sister’s ex-husband murdered.

Adelson used his felon-associating ex-girlfriend as a go-between and his former lover funneled a payment of $138,000 to the killers. The hitmen followed Markel home from the gym and executed him in his driveway.

In court, Adelson claimed his innocence and insisted the payoff was a response to the gunmen also threatening to kill him.

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