Florida Governor Takes on Big Tech, Could Vie for 2024 White House

Florida Governor Takes on Big Tech, Could Vie for 2024 White House

(RepublicanNews.org) – Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ approval rating continues to increase this year. He’s reaped the benefits of a close alliance with Donald Trump, rising to become one of his favorite governors.

In the wake of the disastrous 2020 presidential election, DeSantis set his sights on Big Tech companies’ long-standing efforts to censor conservative voices. On February 2, he delivered a fiery speech condemning social media platforms’ cancel-culture. He also introduced groundbreaking legislative actions to tame Silicon Valley giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

His bold new measures include levying daily fines against social media platforms that use biased algorithms to suppress information related to a particular political cause, ideology, or candidate. It would also impose a daily $100,000 fine against any company suspending or de-platforming anyone running for office in Florida until the platform restores the candidate’s posting privileges.

With Florida Republicans controlling both the state Senate and House by wide margins, there’s little reason to doubt DeSantis can pass these measures.

DeSantis Becomes a Contender for the 2024 Republican Nomination

If DeSantis’ reforms become a reality, they would have a huge impact on the national debate of online censorship, thrusting him into the national spotlight in a big way.

As Townhall reported on February 4, DeSantis could be in a good position to become the standard-bearer for the Republican party in 2024, potentially leading to his ascension as the party’s presidential nominee. While 2024 might seem distant, several leading Republicans already have their sights set on the Oval Office in the next election cycle. As yet, no one knows whether Donald Trump will run for president again.

However, being a popular governor in one of the country’s most diverse states, coupled with a victory against Big Tech companies, could give DeSantis an insurmountable edge.

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