Florida Teen Faces Felony Murder Charges

(RepublicanNews.org) – A murder scene full of oddities in Florida’s Tampa area on September 16th has been described by the local sheriff as similar to what one would experience in a nightmare. According to the official, the young boy responsible for the alleged atrocity will likely be in some form of custody for the remainder of his natural life.

The unidentified 14-year-old Sheriff Chad Chronister was referring to is facing three felony charges. On the afternoon in question, officials say the teenager shot his mother dead, attempted to shoot her boyfriend, and was possibly planning on killing his brother too. After law enforcement arrived on the scene, the teen is also said to have threatened suicide by holding a gun to his head.

According to reports, deputies assigned to Hillsborough County were dispatched to a home in Riverview at about 4:00 p.m. After they arrived, the suspect reportedly pointed a handgun at his head a number of times. He threatened suicide and a 16-minute standoff ensued, during which deputies shot a non-lethal beanbag at the boy so he could be safely taken into custody.

Once the teen was in custody, Hillsborough deputies were then dispatched to another nearby residence, where they reportedly found the boy’s unharmed older brother and the pair’s mother, who was deceased. According to officials, the teen’s older sibling said he overheard an argument between his mother’s boyfriend and his mother. That argument was interrupted by gunfire.

After the older brother left his bedroom to see what was wrong, he told deputies that he watched his younger sibling shoot his mother and then point the gun at him. The oldest brother ran from the scene before he could be shot. Despite being shot five times, the boyfriend had already escaped the residence and sought refuge at a nearby house.

He is in critical condition at a local hospital and has gunshots to his face, midsection, and hands.

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