Former Trump Advisor, Top Conservatives Call for Biden Impeachment

Former Trump Advisor, Top Conservatives Call for Biden Impeachment

( – Joe Biden started dismantling former President Donald Trump’s border security measures on his first day in office. As a result, an unprecedented number of migrants are flooding across the southern border daily, presenting both a security and health risk to Americans due to an unchecked number of positive COVID-19 cases. Conservatives are getting fed up with Biden’s apparent incompetency, including former Trump legal advisor Jenna Ellis, who says she has a solution.

Ellis said it was high time Republican lawmakers started discussing the possibility of impeaching Biden during an August 7 appearance on Newsmax’s Saturday Agenda.

As she explained, Biden’s border policy violated his oath of office and the US Constitution. Continuing, Ellis said Biden’s apparent refusal to protect Americans by securing the nation’s southern border was “disgusting and disturbing.” As a result of his failure, the country faces a surge in COVID-19 cases carried across the border by infected migrants.

Ellis joins a growing chorus of Conservatives calling for Biden’s impeachment. For instance, conservative radio personality and best-selling author Mark Levin has recently called for Biden’s ouster, as has commentator Dan Bongino.

As Ellis and others have concluded, Republicans shouldn’t let Biden “get away” with clearly unconstitutional behavior. He knows he’s stepped out of bounds, and it’s time to rein him back in before things get worse.

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