Former Twitter CEO Has Lethal Message for Capitalists

Former Twitter CEO Has Lethal Message for Capitalists

( – A firestorm erupted on Twitter after the site’s former CEO, Dick Costolo, engaged in a debate regarding the role of high-tech companies and activism surrounding social justice causes.

Costolo, who worked on an advisory committee for Barack Obama, suggested capitalists who didn’t support activism in the workplace might be lined up and shot during the revolution. He also volunteered to provide video commentary along the way.

Costolo posted the tweet as part of an online conversation regarding an earlier tweet by Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong. Armstrong’s post linked to an article he wrote discussing his company’s decision to eliminate activism of any sort in the workplace.

Citing the need to keep Coinbase operations mission-oriented, the article announced new company guidelines banning:

  • Internal debate over political causes or candidates;
  • External promotion of any personal beliefs held by the company;
  • Taking on any activism unrelated to the company’s core mission.

The Impact of Costolo’s Remarks

Mike Cernovich, a Conservative filmmaker social media influencer with over 700k twitter followers, quickly weighed in on Costolo’s remarks tweeting that they violated Twitter’s terms of service by “glorifying violence.” He also noted Costolo’s tweet amounted to a public endorsement of the mass annihilation of his political adversaries.

Michael Arrington, the libertarian founder of TechCrunch, echoed those sentiments adding that the post left him “stunned” and Geoff Lewis, a former partner at libertarian Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, expressed shock at the tweet.

Conservative political columnist Benny Johnson had one of the better responses. He posted a tweet reminding people that Twitter censored President Trump for offering to send the National Guard to Minneapolis to restore order in late May and another one for promising to push back at the establishment of an “autonomous zone” in Washington, DC, in June.

Twitter is quick on the draw to censor the president’s tweets promising to preserve law and order. Yet, Costolo’s tweet has remained unobstructed for several days. Hypocrisy appears to be alive and well on Twitter.

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