Fortune 500 CEOs Planning to Forcibly Remove Trump From Office (REPORT)

Fortune 500 CEOs Planning to Forcibly Remove Trump From Office (REPORT)

( – Just when you thought things couldn’t get any crazier, they do. Multiple sources confirm the CEOs of several Fortune 500 companies plan to take matters into their own hands regarding events surrounding the presidential election.

Yale University professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld held a meeting of more than two dozen Fortune 500 executives in early November to discuss intervening in the 2020 presidential election if President Donald Trump refused to respect its outcome, according to a November 17 report in The Sun.

According to Sonnenfeld, the elite group discussed releasing public statements and putting pressure on state-level Republican legislators to prevent them from redirecting Electoral College votes to Trump from Democratic hopeful Joe Biden. However, they reportedly decided to wait until the November 20 official certification of votes in Georgia to take any action.

Sonnenfeld also reported several CEOs discussed convening another meeting if any future Trump rallies turned into “seditious riots.” He indicated they would consider taking additional action if President Trump initiated any mass firing of defense officials like his recent ouster of Mark Esper as Secretary of Defense.

American stands at a potential crossroads in the wake of the controversy surrounding the 2020 presidential elections. Hopefully, things will calm down after the Electoral College meets in December to officially select the next president.

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