Fox News Arsonist Gets Out of Jail Almost Instantly

Fox News Arsonist Gets Out of Jail Almost Instantly

( – One of the biggest stories hitting the media right now details the sordid tale of a man who set fire to the Fox News Christmas tree in New York. During the early hours of December 8, the individual reportedly started a blaze right at its location in midtown Manhattan. Local police arrested the arsonist, but he’s already back out on the streets.

The Man Who Lit the Christmas Tree

It isn’t clear whether 49-year-old Craig Tamanaha thought the Fox News tree needed to be brighter or whether he was just engaging in a bit of malicious mischief. Either way, he decided to light it on fire and allow it to burn.

In an even more bizarre twist, Tamanaha told reporters that he didn’t light the tree on fire in the first place. Instead, he placed the blame on others amid incoherent rants about mothers raping their daughters. The connection between these two concerns remains unclear.

The suspect has an extensive criminal record with three prior police encounters. The first resulted in a charge of public intoxication, while the other two were both related to the possession of drugs.

In New York, arson is only a felony if it’s done as a hate crime, injures someone or is intended to hurt someone. While the tree stood in front of the building that hosts the New York Post, Wall Street Journal and Fox News, no one suffered injuries as a result of the blaze.

Catch and Release

Reports show that Mayor Bill de Blasio’s lenient bail reforms resulted in the jail allowing Tamanaha to walk free shortly after his arrest. Assistant District Attorney Matthew Bayley later stated that the charges against the defendant were insufficient cause to implement bail.

According to Mark Bederow, Tamanaha’s defense attorney explained that the court would need to charge Tamanaha with a third-degree felony at the minimum in order to justify bail. However, city prosecutors did successfully argue for the defendant to remain under supervision after his release. Judge Martinez Alonso granted the request.

A Troubled Past

Craig’s father, Richard Tamanaha, says his son has a lengthy history of destructive stunts. The senior Tamanaha also admitted that his currently homeless son abuses drugs. In fact, he even called Craig a “nut,” suggesting he wasn’t “all there” mentally. Perhaps Tamanaha needs a different kind of lockup.

Slippery Slope

Radical Democrats and progressives have revised and reformed justice systems in New York and other regions, instituting softer punishments for criminals. In cases like this one, authorities arrest criminals and bring them to jail but are forced to release them shortly afterward.

This type of policy may seem ideal for criminals, potentially easing the already backlogged judicial process. It’s only a matter of time before it becomes a threat to society.

As long as criminals can commit crimes and essentially get away with it, they will continue their bad behavior. Eventually, many escalate from simple acts of mischief to outright felonies that net far more jail time. Will softer reforms endanger the lives of Americans?

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