Fox News Releases Special Investigation About George Soros

Fox News Releases Special Investigation About George Soros

( – Investor and philanthropist George Soros is wealthy; his net value sat at around $8.6 billion in March 2021. The tycoon is now about to come together with other like-minded capitalists to fund a new anti-misinformation endeavor called Good Information Inc.

Yet, as one recent Fox exclusive points out, the hedge fund powerhouse has a history of influencing politics with his checkbook.

Jesse Watters, the host of “Watters World,” claims Soros funneled millions of dollars into Democrat networks and politics, boosting Clinton, Kerry and Obama. The Fox News host feels the billionaire just happened to discover a new way to influence local politics.

Soros essentially sowed chaos in Austin, TX, when he poured money into the Defund the Police movement. The city eventually followed through, opening the doors to a rash of violent crimes. Now, Austin seeks a reversal of fortune, but Soros is fighting it every step of the way.

According to Watters, Soros also helped a number of influential prosecutors secure elections throughout the country — most notably, Texas DA Kim Ogg — who dismissed 800 cases against Black Lives Matter demonstrators. The Fox News host believes millions of dollars could completely turn around a local race. Furthermore, Soros uses his money and influence to further his own agenda, which is apparently chaos in the streets.

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