GA Senate Candidate RESPONDS – Says It’s All Fake!

Herschel Walker Scandal Keeps Brewing

Herschel Walker Scandal Keeps Brewing

( – Former NFL player Herschel Walker (R) is running against Senator Raphael Warnock (D) in the race for his congressional seat in Georgia. A poll from September 21 had the two neck and neck for the position, with 45% of those surveyed leaning toward the incumbent and 41% choosing his competitor.

A woman claiming to be an ex-girlfriend of Walker’s revealed he had got her pregnant, encouraged her to have an abortion, paid for the procedure, and took care of her in the aftermath. He denied the allegation.

The Republican candidate has been running on an anti-abortion platform, vowing to deny women the procedure even in pregnancies involving rape and incest. After the former football player shot down the claim, his son got on social media and called his father a liar. Christian Walker, the candidate’s child, accused his dad of being hypocritical and lying to the public. The younger Walker said the congressional nominee is “not a family man” but a violent person with a scandalous past.

Some people believe the revelation will be the downfall of the elder Walker’s run for the Senate, while others have rallied around him. Former President Donald Trump, Senator Rick Scott (R-FL), and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich all jumped to their fellow conservative’s defense. They all stand with the candidate.

The allegations’ effects on Walker’s chance of unseating his opponent remain unclear.

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