Gaetz Criticized for Disrupting Congress

( – During MSNBC’s October 8th episode of Meet the Press, Kristen Welker appeared to suggest that Rep. Matt Gaetz may have undermined US national security as a result of his successful ousting of former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy. The host asked the legislator as much, querying, “Did your actions harm America’s security and safety?”

Welker’s initial question was referencing earlier statements from Rep. McCarthy in which the lawmaker had criticized Gaetz for leaving the House “leaderless” in an “important moment.” The Republican from California made these comments following Hamas’ invasion of Southern Israel.

Gaetz responded to Welker’s question with what most would likely interpret as a dig against the former Republican leader. “Other countries,” he said, do not think about the ex-speaker’s position nearly “as much as he does.” The ongoing feud Gaetz and McCarthy have with one another is not limited to recent events. Most are aware of the pair’s war of words, which has raged for at least the last year.

The Sunshine State Republican followed up his apparent insult by telling his host that the House would have its vacant leadership post filled by the end of the work week. He told Welker that McCarthy’s removal was a byproduct of the fact that he had “made multiple contradictory promises.” McCarthy has previously stated that he feels Gaetz’s motivations were “personal.”

When the topic of Israel was broached again, the Florida lawmaker conveyed his support for the Jewish State and said he was of the opinion that Israel would “be larger” by the end of the conflict. Welker then asserted that Gaetz was “incapable” of helping to defend Israel because he had brought his chamber to a standstill.

Gaetz rejected her assertion and said that America’s ability to help Israel was not in question because vast amounts of funding for the nation had already been approved.

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