Gaetz Makes Good on Threats Against McCarthy

( – It’s a done deal. Rep. Matt Gaetz’s bid to remove Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has been successful. Following the Florida legislator’s historically unprecedented “motion to vacate” on October 2nd, which he had been threatening for some time, Gaetz was able to garner enough Republican votes to remove the GOP leader.

The California Rep’s ousting now brings an added element of uncertainty to a House that many would say was already in at least a partial state of chaos. Until a permanent speaker can be decided upon, North Carolina Republican Rep. Patrick McHenry will serve the chamber in pro tempore fashion.

Within minutes of McCarthy’s dethroning, a handful of GOP Reps began floating the possibility of putting former President Trump in his spot. Many have said there is nothing in Congress’ rulebook that would prevent the ex-President from being voted into the speakership. Though it went nowhere at the time, even Matt Gaetz cast a vote for it earlier in the year.

Most would likely say that Gaetz’s October 2nd move was hardly sudden. Along with a chorus of other Republicans, Gaetz opposed McCarthy’s initial placement in his leadership position. Together, the group refused to vote McCarthy into his now-former role until he agreed to make certain concessions. One of their biggest concerns at the time was the issue of government funding.

Before voting for his placement, a number of like-minded Republicans forced McCarthy to agree that he would not cave to a budget process that they felt allowed for unregulated runaway spending. McCarthy’s end-of-September budget deal was viewed by Gaetz and a number of others in the GOP as a betrayal of the terms that put him in his position of power to begin with.

Gaetz additionally claimed that McCarthy had failed to follow through on several other promised items, such as holding a floor vote prior to launching an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

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