Gazan Death Toll Surpasses 10,000

( – No matter what one’s opinion is regarding Israel’s military tactics and humanitarian policies inside the Gaza Strip, Palestinians are dying. As of November 7th, authorities in Gaza are claiming their death toll has surpassed 10,000 souls.

Current events aside, most would undoubtedly find it at least interesting to wonder how the Allied firebombing of Dresden towards the end of World War II would play out in today’s media environment. In February of 1945, when the winter was at its coldest point, Allied bombers intentionally unleashed hell on the German city’s civilian population.

Rather than just drop standard explosives, bomber crews were ordered to fit their aircraft with incendiary devices. Over a little more than two full days, in excess of 1,600 acres of the historical enclave were burned down. More than 25,000 civilians perished in the firestorm, and the results were left for historians to analyze.

According to the latest reports from the Israeli Defense Forces, the Jewish state’s military has successfully used its armored infantry to slice Gaza into northern and southern sections. Merkava and Bradley crews continue to encircle Gaza City and in some cases, operate briefly inside of it.

IDF air power continues to pummel what they claim are Hamas targets on the ground, but the Israeli military has acknowledged civilian casualties, many of which have occurred in apparent refugee camps. As far as differentiation between Arab civilian and military deaths, some readers may note that Gaza’s Health Ministry has indicated that they do not distinguish between the two.

Both videos and still images have emerged from the Palestinian territory showing what appear to be wounded and dead children being pulled from the remnants of once-standing multiple-story buildings. Some reports have suggested that 70% of Palestinian deaths are noncombatant children.

Outlets on both sides of the conflict’s ideological divide are anticipating a sharp rise in casualties once the IDF fully invades Gaza City.

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