George Santos Faces New Charges

( – Most voters on either side of the aisle would likely not have a problem with the assertion that it would take a full-length book to cover the volume of alleged falsehoods that left U.S. Representative George Santos’ mouth before, during, and after his rise to power. Readers are left with piecemeal coverage until that book is or is not written.

The Long Island Republican has already admitted to a number of lies of the non-criminal variety but has thus far pleaded not guilty to any legal charges that have been leveled against him. On October 10th, federal prosecutors waylaid the first-generation Brazilian-American with a series of fresh accusations that allege his involvement in identity fraud and unauthorized credit card usage.

The new 10-count indictment against the one-time drag queen says that Santos fraudulently charged many thousands of dollars to credit cards his campaign had on file from several donors. In addition to claiming that Santos sourced the funds without donor authorization, he faces identity theft charges.

Breon Peace, the U.S. Attorney who is helming Santos’ case, said the defendant “falsely inflated” his “campaign’s reported receipts” by recording “non-existent loans.” The lawyer said the legislator from New York also “fabricated” campaign “contributions” to cover up financial discrepancies.

Santos’ latest indictment brings his updated count total to 23. His previous 13-count indictment, to which the lawmaker pleaded not guilty, centered on charges of embezzlement and lying to the U.S. House. Despite his plea, Santos will be forced to contend with the fact that his ex-campaign treasurer, who was charged alongside him, appears to have chosen to play ball with federal prosecutors.

Nancy Marks, Santos’ one-time treasurer, pleaded guilty to a single charge of fraud conspiracy in the first week of October. Her decision came in the face of allegations that she had conspired with Santos to inflate campaign accounting records by inserting donations that never occurred.

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