Georgia Grand Jury Indicts Trump and 18 Others

( – Efforts by the Democratic apparatus to keep America’s 45th President from serving a second term have reached a crescendo, with President Donald Trump being indicted again in Georgia on August 14th. A grand jury convened by Fulton County DA Fani Willis charged the former President and 18 others under RICO and conspiracy statutes.

The indictment totals 41 counts and includes a number of familiar names in addition to that of the President. Rudy Giuliani, Mark Meadows, Ray Smith, Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis, Kenneth Chesebro, and John Eastman are all among the charged and all have until noon on August 25th to voluntarily surrender to authorities in Atlanta.

Trump is the leader among the Republican pool of 2024 candidates and his fourth indictment in five months appears designed to keep him in court perpetually and unable to wage an effective campaign. Prior indictments have served to boost his standing in polls.

The BBC is reporting that Trump’s continuing legal problems “have not dented” his place at the head of the Republican pack. The outlet refers to him as “the clear frontrunner” and says that his indictments “have strengthened” his standing.

An end-of-July poll showed Trump leading his nearest competitor, Governor Ron DeSantis, by 37 points. Outside of DeSantis, no other candidate in the field of 14 potential nominees currently scores higher than six percent.

Soon after the Georgia indictment, Trump announced via Truth Social that his team would be releasing an “irrefutable report” covering the alleged 2020 election fraud during a morning news conference in New Jersey on August 21st. The former President said the findings would lead to all charges being dropped against him and that he would face “complete exoneration.”

Trump’s latest indictment places the President’s past actions on par with those of the mafia. RICO statutes are generally reserved for organized crime and allow multiple members of the same organization to face charges under the same umbrella case.

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