Georgia Legislature Now Has First Black Female Republican – Here’s Why

( – Mesha Mainor, the newest Republican member in the Georgia assembly, said her blood pressure is at its lowest level since college, and so are her stress levels. All she had to do was switch political parties.

The legislator will be the assembly’s first black Republican woman to serve and will represent a portion of Atlanta in the 56th District. The area lies in Fulton County and is historically a Democratic stronghold. President Joe Biden received 70% of the area’s vote in the 2020 election.

Mainor’s July 18th press conference announcement came after a lifetime of identifying as a Democrat. She says the move came after consulting God, her campaign manager, and two friends who “could care less” about how she identifies politically.

Mainor said her party switch was precipitated by Democrats in the state body who have “mutilated” and “sabotaged” her since she was first appointed in 2020. Throughout that period, Mainor said it was Republicans who supported her.

The lawmaker says that despite facing scrutiny from within her own party, conservative members were “exceptionally easy” to work with. Mainor said the Republican attitude towards her came because they could see she wanted to “actually help” her constituency.

Democratic criticism of Mainor’s stances stemmed from her willingness to break party lines and support Republicans on issues like prosecutorial oversight and police funding. After she vocally supported Republicans on the topic of school choice, Mainor said her Democratic peers began a campaign of harassment and intimidation.

While Mainor ran unopposed during the previous election, a Democratic state senator is currently offering $1,000 to anyone who is willing to challenge her. Josh McLaurin tweeted a picture of the nameless check he intends to give Mainor’s rival.

Following her press conference, Mainor tweeted that her decision had nothing to do with politics. She said her choice to switch parties was based on morals.

“I will never apologize,” she said.

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