German Man Goes on Warpath To Legalize Relationship with His Sister

German Man Goes on Warpath To Legalize Relationship With Sister

Man With 4 Children Tries To Legalize ‘Keeping It In The Family’

( – There was a time when incest was common, especially among royal families. Today, most societies worldwide look down on it; that doesn’t mean the practice no longer exists. One German man and his family exemplify that fact.

Authorities put the now 44-year-old Patrick Stuebing up for adoption after taking him away from his abusive birth family. The German man’s parents had several other children, some of whom suffered from disabilities or who did not survive into adulthood.

After Stuebing turned 18, he decided to track down his biological parents. He learned that his father died sometime after the court took him away for attacking him with a knife when he was just three years old.

The German man later moved in with his mother, Ana Marie, when he was 22. That’s when he met his 15-year-old sister Susan, who’d also had a rough upbringing.

Steubing’s mother constantly reminded Susan that she was a burden and made her feel unloved. Ana Marie, for her part, apparently thought it would be okay to allow the two to share a room but passed away a short time later.

Within approximately six months, the siblings began having sex, using protection only on rare occasions. Pregnancy quickly followed; the couple ultimately produced four children. Two suffered from disabilities and were eventually apprehended by the state.

Neither of the two siblings feels guilty for what they’ve done. In fact, they collectively dismiss the idea of any wrongdoing, blaming their family history for their children’s misfortune.

German law prohibits siblings from engaging in sexual acts, but that didn’t stop Steubing and Susan from taking the case to the European Court of Human Rights in 2012. While the pair lost, the German Ethics Council did vote to allow siblings to engage in sex acts without facing legal action just two years later, in 2014. The two continue to fight for what they claim is their right to have a consensual sexual relationship.

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