Ghislaine Maxwell Wants to Make New Bail Request, Denied Secret Hearing

Ghislaine Maxwell Wants to Make New Bail Request, Denied Secret Hearing

( – Secrecy continues to surround former British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell. She currently awaits trial in a federal detention facility in Brooklyn for her role in the crimes of alleged pedophile and former associate Jeffrey Epstein. Incarcerated since her July arrest by federal agents, Maxwell’s lawyers requested a secret bail hearing in the wake of a jailhouse outbreak of the coronavirus.

Epstein and Maxwell’s longtime association with dignitaries and foreign leaders has added to the intrigue surrounding the pair. Epstein was found hanging by his neck in his Manhattan Correctional Facility cell in August 2019, about four weeks after federal agents arrested him for allegedly trafficking minors in New York and Florida.

Maxwell Seeks Closed-Door Hearing

Federal prosecutors filed an official letter with Judge Alison Nathan, the federal judge overseeing Maxwell’s trial, advising her they expected Maxwell to request a private closed-door bail hearing.

Maxwell reportedly wants the private, or “in camera,” hearing to protect the identities of proposed co-signers of her hoped-for bail application. Prosecutors objected to the request, stating they see no reason for the public to be denied the right to observe the proceedings. They also pointed out that Maxwell’s victims have a legal right to be present at any hearing regarding her release.

Additionally, prosecutors advised the court that the names of individuals co-signing her bail application could remain secret through the use of limited court-ordered redactions in the accompanying documents.

Judge Nathan has denied Maxwell’s earlier requests for bail, citing her ability to evade authorities in the months leading up to her arrest. She also noted that Maxwell appeared to have access to unlimited funds and multiple passports, making her a flight risk.

Judge Says No

The Miami Herald reported on December 3 that Judge Nathan sided with prosecutors and denied Maxwell’s request for a secret hearing. Instead, she ordered Maxwell’s attorneys and prosecutors to work up a proposed briefing schedule for a future public bail hearing.

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