Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Judge Faces Potential Recusal

Judge Asked to Recuse Herself Over Conflict of Interest in Ghislaine Maxwell Case

( – New York Senator Chuck Schumer recently announced he would recommend Biden nominate Alison J. Nathan to the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Nathan currently presides over Ghislaine Maxwell’s ongoing trial, which isn’t likely to resolve for some time yet. Schumer’s recommendation raises questions about whether or not Judge Nathan can continue to serve on the case without injecting personal bias.

If Nathan receives the nomination, it’s almost guaranteed that she will serve on New York’s second-highest court. The Senate would still need to confirm Nathan, a process which would allow her to continue presiding over the Maxwell case. That’s a scenario some people fear could cause the judge to become less critical of Biden’s government — at least during Ghislaine’s trial.

New York University School of Law Professor Stephen Gillers believes that Maxwell’s legal team may ask Nathan to recuse herself from the case, citing a potential conflict of interest. Gillers claims that the Biden administration would be in a position to disrupt her promotion if she didn’t rule in favor of the federal government during Maxwell’s trial. However, the law professor also admits that Nathan’s promotion would not be enough to call for her recusal.

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