Ghost Gun Manufacturers Targeted by NY Lawmakers

Ghost Gun Manufacturers Targeted by NY Lawmakers

NY Lawmakers Deal Brutal Blow To Ghost Gun Manufacturers

( – With highly publicized shootings occurring in multiple parts of the country, such as Uvalde, Texas and Buffalo, New York, few people were surprised to see lawmakers doing what they believed was best to protect their constituents. New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a staunch Democrat, recently accused several companies of turning the metropolis into a “mail-order murder” city. The mayor filed several lawsuits in response.

As shootings are seemingly on the rise compared to pre-pandemic numbers, data shows more and more people are using ghost guns to commit crimes due to their untraceability. These firearms don’t have serial numbers, making it almost impossible to track them back to buyers. Merchants often sell them without proper background checks, which can allow people prohibited from acquiring firearms to access the weapons anyway.

According to The New York Times, the Empire State passed a law last year that allowed people to file civil lawsuits against gun makers. Now, the city of New York is looking to use that same law to sue 10 companies that manufacture parts for ghost guns:

  • Arm or Ally
  • Primary Arms
  • Brownells
  • G.S. Performance
  • Salvo Technologies
  • Blackhawk Manufacturing Group
  • Indie Guns LLC
  • Rock Slide USA
  • Rainier Arms
  • KM Tactical

The lawsuits accuse the companies of illegally selling thousands upon thousands of gun receiver frames that people allegedly used to assemble “assault-style” weapons over the past five years.

All 10 companies targeted are based outside of the state of New York. The majority didn’t comment on the suits, but Indie Guns lawyer Christian W. Waugh told The Times that the move was “politically motivated.” Brownells Chairman Pete Brownell also spoke up, stating that his company “has always taken its compliance obligations very seriously” and looks forward to using the legal system to address the claims.

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