GoFundMe for American Hero Is Highly Successful

GoFundMe for American Hero Is Highly Successful

American Hero Gets Rewarded – Money Keeps Pouring In

(RepublicanNews.org) – Indiana has had an eventful month, but two separate American heroes emerged from within its borders. One man saved several children from a burning house while endangering his own life, while 22-year-old Elijsha Dicken saved countless lives after a gunman opened fire at a local mall. Many people have since deemed the armed citizen a “good guy with a gun.” One GOP State Representative even decided to launch a GoFundMe for the young hero, and so far, it is extremely successful.

State Representative Jim Lucas (R) set up a GoFundMe account to help Dicken pay for any legal fees, time off from work, and other expenses he may currently have. While it hasn’t yet reached its goal of $500,000 — or even come close — the fundraiser has otherwise been quite successful, raising just over $72,000. Lucas even donated $500 of his own money.

Dicken became a superhero on July 17 when a man entered a mall in Greenwood, Indiana, with one intention: to seemingly kill anyone he could as he opened fire on unsuspecting shoppers. The shooter succeeded in slaughtering three innocent people, but Dicken quickly took action and prevented countless others from suffering the same fate.

The young man, armed with a 9mm Glock handgun, was shopping with his girlfriend when the assailant opened fire. Within 15 seconds, Dicken drew his firearm and shot 10 times, killing the murderer on the spot.

It’s hard to imagine how many people the gunman could’ve killed that day. How different might the news coverage have been if not for the 22-year-old’s selfless decision to act?

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