Gold Star Families Share Horror Stories of Treatment After Afghanistan Withdrawal

( – Gold Star families and wounded service members are uniformly accusing President Biden of butchering both his interactions with them and the American withdrawal from Afghanistan. The accusations were made in independent interviews and during an August 7th forum organized by Republican Congressman Darrell Issa.

The California Rep. convened the forum in his home state of California as a means of drawing public attention to the Kabul airport suicide bombing that left 13 service members dead during the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan. Service members and their families have alleged gross incompetence on the part of American leadership.

Mainstream media providers devoted virtually no coverage to the forum and some outlets chose not to cover the events at all. Twitter users across the board accused outlets like CNN and MSNBC of covering for the Biden administration.

During their testimony before Issa, family members of the fallen called for the resignation of President Biden and his top cabinet officials for their alleged mismanagement of the Afghanistan withdrawal. Many further described bizarre encounters with the President during personal visits with him.

One mother said she was initially told that her son was killed instantly, but learned after the fact that he survived for a short while. She also said her family was disrespected, lied to, and “given incomplete reports.”

A Gold Star father said that Biden used his son “as a pawn” in a game of political “optics.” Another mother said the administration has never corresponded with her about the death of her son, nor has the President ever spoken his name.

A sister of one of the deceased said that Biden refused to look anyone in the eye during a meeting and called his words “fake” and “scripted.”

President Biden has also been accused of rolling his eyes at family members of the fallen, checking his watch during a casket delivery, and lying about his veteran son, Beau, dying in combat.

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