Google Caves on Allowing 3rd Party Payments in Apps

Google Caves on Allowing 3rd Party Payments in Apps

( – Google is one of the largest tech companies in the world and doesn’t often get bullied into submission. Yet, the conglomerate recently experienced a change of heart over its longstanding moratorium on third-party payments in apps. The new shift marks the first time for Google to alter policies to please a specific country.

On November 4, Google announced it would amend its payment policies to finally allow Play Store developers to process in-app payments via third-party platforms.

Reports suggest Google was attempting to respond to a recent request from the Korean Communications Commission (KCC) in South Korea. The KCC asked tech companies to obey new laws preventing platforms, including Google Play, from forcing developers to use built-in proprietary payment processing systems, which often charge steep commissions.

Google indicated that it respects the South Korean government’s decision, sharing a list of changes it intends to make in an effort to comply with the country’s new law. App developers will gain the option to install their own billing systems while also retaining the option to process payments through Google Pay. However, the change will only affect users in the South Korean market.

South Korean officials also mentioned that Apple Inc. believes it’s already complying with the new law. The KCC indicated that it will investigate issues with compliance, potentially leading to stiff fines or penalties.

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