GOP Asks Supreme Court to Block Voting Changes Ahead of Election

GOP Asks Supreme Court to Block Voting Changes Ahead of Election

( – Activist judges on Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court handed Democrats victories on Sept. 17 regarding ballot deadlines, dropboxes, and out-of-town poll-watchers. On Sept. 28, Pennsylvania Republicans petitioned the US Supreme Court to halt a portion of the ruling by the state’s highest court.

Both the state Republican Party and Republican legislative leaders separately petitioned Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, Jr., for emergency stays on the lower court’s order allowing the counting of mail-in ballots up to three days after the November 3 election.

Were this a non-election case, the chances are high that Justice Alito would side with Pennsylvania Republicans. Nominated to the bench by then-President George W. Bush (R) in 2005, Alito has a reputation for being one of the most solidly conservative justices on the Court.

However, Supreme Court justices are typically reluctant to get involved in election matters this close to voting day, allowing state court rulings to stand until the full Court can hear an appeal. Alito is expected to give the application a fair hearing and will likely ask Pennsylvania Democrats to file a response for his consideration.

Win or lose, this potential crisis in Pennsylvania is demonstrative of the necessity for Republicans to retain both the White House and control of the Senate. It’s the only way to stave off the appointment of any more activist Liberal judges to the federal bench.

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