GOP Back Up Trump After Colorado Decision

( – The Supreme Court of Colorado voted 4-3 to prevent former President Donald Trump from being on the state’s ballot during next year’s presidential election. The court argued that Trump engaged in “insurrection” during the January 6th, 2021 riots, which they allege should disqualify him from running for office.

Republicans from across the country are outraged, pointing out that Trump has not been convicted of any crimes involving January 6, or of anything that would keep his name off a presidential ballot, assuming he wins the Republican primary.

Some Republicans point out that GOP state judges could play the same game, and have President Joe Biden’s name removed from ballots in their states.

A few high-profile Democrats have supported the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision, with Representative Ted Lieu of California saying, it’s “very clear” to him that Trump is guilty of insurrection. Adam Schiff reportedly said, “It’s about time” Trump was held to account.

However, not all Democrats are in favor of this judicial decision. Lifelong democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (running as an independent candidate for president) said, “Every American should be troubled…”

Former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis noted that there’s “no limiting principle” to removing a candidate from ballots, meaning, any group of judges can unilaterally decide, without any legal precedent, guilty verdict, or criminal prosecution, that a person can be disqualified from the ballot if the right group of judges decides it.

The Colorado Supreme Court cited Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which bars someone from running for office if they participated in insurrection or rebellion, or giving aid or comfort to those who do participate. Despite endless accusations, Trump has never been prosecuted for any of those charges.

The 14th Amendment was passed in 1868, after the end of the Civil War, and the specific purpose of Section 3 was to keep any former Southern rebel leaders from gaining national office. It’s been rarely used in the ensuing 155 years.

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