GOP Chairman Wants To HIDE THIS From Democrat Investigators!

AZ GOP Chairman Wants Something Hidden From Jan 6 Committee

AZ GOP Chairman Wants Something Hidden From Jan 6 Committee

( – After the 2020 presidential election, Arizona Republican Party Chair Kelli Ward, her husband, and several other people pretended to be the official slate of electors representing The Grand Canyon State. The group tried to submit a fake certificate declaring former President Donald Trump the state’s winner.

As part of their investigation, the January 6 committee sent a subpoena to Ward, requesting her phone records. The politician fought the request but was denied relief by a federal appeals court. On October 26, she took the matter to the Supreme Court, claiming the demand violated her “right to free political association.”

Another reason Ward wants to protect her phone is that she claims handing over the device would be a HIPAA violation, as she and her husband are doctors. The chairwoman alleged the committee would contact all the people listed in her phone, which was a big concern.

Emergency SCOTUS matters in Arizona go in front of Justice Elena Kagan. The magistrate quickly responded to the request, issuing a temporary block on the subpoena. The matter will now go to the full Supreme Court for consideration. Kagan gave the House select committee until October 28 to decide whether or not to quash the subpoena or let it stand.

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