GOP Considers Merrick Garland’s Impeachment

( – Republicans in the House are considering an impeachment inquiry into Attorney General Merrick Garland following his handling of an investigation into Hunter Biden. The move appears to have backing from Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who wrote a recent op-ed in which he said Garland shielded the President’s son from prosecution.

In the piece, McCarthy alleged the DOJ lied and that the agency intentionally declined to pursue a trail of money. “It smells like a cover-up,” he wrote, and Congress was obligated to get answers.

In late June, McCarthy first broached the issue by tweeting about allegations from an IRS whistleblower who claimed they were part of a corrupted investigation into Hunter Biden. The agent alleged mismanagement, delays, stonewalling and misdirection from their senior leadership at the Department of Justice (DOJ). McCarthy said their testimony could play a part in a much broader inquiry into impeachment.

The Republican chairs of the three committees currently looking into Garland’s actions have already sought transcribed interviews from the IRS, DOJ and FBI investigation into Hunter Biden.

Some Republican members of the House have suggested that McCarthy’s pursuit of Garland may not bear fruit. California Rep. Darrell Issa is on record saying he does not know if Garland actually engaged in a “chargeable crime,” though he did say the topic of impeaching Biden cabinet officials is popular among the GOP base.

Maryland Rep. Andy Harris suggested that McCarthy’s priorities were misplaced. Harris said the House should first focus on holding to account Secretary of State Anthony Blinken for his botched withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan.

Were Garland to be impeached, he would be the first Cabinet official in almost 150 years to face such a move from legislators. While the AG is at the helm of the DOJ, he has distanced himself from the investigation into Hunter Biden by stating that the U.S. Attorney leading the investigation had sole discretion, authority, and autonomy in the matter.

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