GOP Leaders Denied Access to DEA Facility During Border Visit

GOP Leaders Denied Access to DEA Facility During Border Visit

( – The nation’s southern border remained relatively quiet and free from major issues until former President Donald Trump turned the White House keys over to Joe Biden. Biden didn’t waste any time taking a wrecking ball to Trump’s border security measures, and a crisis quickly ensued. The number of unaccompanied minors streaming across the border exploded, along with concerns drug and human traffickers were taking advantage of loose security measures.

DEA Special Agent Kyle Williamson, who heads up the agency’s El Paso office, told Fox News his division seized more drugs the first five months of 2021 than it did during the previous two years combined.

According to Williamson, the kinds of drugs traffickers are transporting across the border are particularly alarming. His office has seen increases in drugs like cocaine, fentanyl, heroin, and methamphetamines.

Republican Congressional Delegation Denied Access to DEA Border Facility

DEA officials operating an El Paso, Texas, migrant facility denied entry to a congressional delegation of 12 Republicans on Tuesday, May 25. Sara Carter, an investigative reporter for Fox News, spoke with several lawmakers about the incident. They say the decision to block their access to the facility came directly from the White House.

Rep. Mike Garcia (R-CA) told her the group had been trying to access the facility for a couple of weeks. He believes the DEA has documents indicating the nation’s open border is creating a more serious problem than most Americans currently understand. Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX) echoed that sentiment, saying, “What don’t they want us to see?”

Lawmakers not only have a right to access taxpayer-funded facilities, but they also have a constitutional duty to oversee border operations and exercise oversight as needed. Someone needs to remind the Biden administration of its duty not to obstruct Congress members doing their jobs.

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