GOP Leaders Press On with Bid to Impeach Biden

( – The GOP is set to push on with an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, although skepticism remains over whether sufficient incriminating evidence has been brought to light.

Since taking control of the House of Representatives at the start of 2023, Republican lawmakers have investigated whether the President benefitted from his son’s foreign business dealings. Specifically, Republicans have sought proof of financial gain while Biden was Vice President under Barack Obama.

The House Oversight Committee, led by Rep. James Comer, has conducted witness testimony of Hunter Biden’s former associates and subpoenaed bank records belonging to the family. Despite extensive efforts, conclusive evidence is yet to be discovered by the GOP-led committee.

In a bid to secure more power for investigating lawmakers, then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced plans to launch a formal inquiry in September. However, given the GOP’s narrow majority, plans for a vote were quickly shelved when it appeared that some party members may vote against the formal inquiry (if they were to vote at all).

Three months on and Republicans are set to try again. Speaker Mike Johnson told Fox News that he believes the party has the near-unanimous support needed to ensure an inquiry does not fall at the first hurdle, alleging that the White House had “withheld thousands of pages of evidence”.

A formal inquiry would give GOP lawmakers greater power to investigate the President. However, the partisan nature of the investigative process, which is now entering its second year, has been lambasted by the White House and Democrats, causing concern among Republicans who are set to stand in Democratic states in next year’s elections.

Only four votes against an impeachment inquiry motion are required for the process to fail. That being said, party leaders have expressed a more confident demeanor, with a conference of lawmakers reportedly seeing no objections when GOP lawmakers were briefed on the vote on December 1st.

A date for the vote is yet to be announced.

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