GOP Moves to Remove Fluff from VA Funding Bill

( – The Department of Veterans Affairs will be funding gender transitions, abortions, drag shows, and ESG issues if President Biden has his way. Republicans in the House have already introduced several amendments to a VA spending bill that would defund these policies, but Biden hit back on July 21st by threatening the GOP with a veto.

House Republicans advanced their version of the bill on July 24th and it is expected to be brought before the House floor for a vote by the week’s end. Legislators will return to their constituencies for a one-month recess following the vote.

Coupled with Biden’s veto threat was an administration statement that said the GOP-backed measures would have “devastating” effects on those seeking abortions. The language also said that the “health and safety” of “LGBTQI+ Americans” would be threatened.

The statement further read that both “critical climate initiatives” and efforts to promote DEI policies would be hindered.

One amendment proposed by Georgia Rep. MTG would prevent federal funds from being used in “any” gender-altering “surgical procedure.” The VA Secretary announced in 2021 that his department would cover such procedures for veterans that identify as transgender.

Montana Rep. Matt Rosendale proposed an amendment that would block any funds from going towards drag shows, cabaret performances of an adult nature, and LGBTQ-themed events.

Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson introduced a provision that would prevent the VA from setting up any type of advisory panel that seeks to address ESG issues.

Among several amendments proposed by Tennessee Rep. Andy Ogles is one that would eliminate “exceptions” to abortion. The bill already includes language that blocks federal funding for abortion, but it currently lists exceptions for the procedure in the event of rape or incest.

Another measure would block the Biden Administration from using funds to fly any flag other than that of the United States or that of an American State or Territory.

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