GOP Rejects Unqualified Biden Nominees

( – Republican lawmakers are taking credit for “torpedoing” President Joe Biden’s nominees to head federal agencies, saying the candidates lack experience and are too partisan.

Until very recently, both sides of the aisle at least nominally agreed that positions such as the director of the Federal Aviation Administration should have the experience that qualifies them for such crucial roles. But the Biden administration seems to be picking unqualified candidates on the basis of how loudly they proclaim their leftist allegiances or membership in a minority class.

Phillip Washington, director of the Denver International Airport, withdrew from consideration for FAA director over the weekend of March 25th and 26th after Republicans blasted him for having no direct aviation or piloting experience.

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz took credit for scuttling Washington’s nomination, and that of Gigi Sohn, whom Biden picked for the Federal Communications Commission. Sohn was seen as having a too-hard-left partisan social media presence to be taken seriously as a member of the FCC.

“Both of them now, we’ve taken them down. . . it is a good thing,” Cruz said.

But a few Democrats are just as displeased with Biden’s picks and had a hand in stopping these appointments. Sohn withdrew her nomination after Joe Manchin, a Democratic Senator from West Virginia, said he would vote against her.

Independent Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona forced a committee vote delay on Phillip Washington’s appointment to the FAA.

Missouri Republican Senator Eric Schmitt pointed out that even Biden’s own Democratic party can’t unanimously support his candidates. The roles to be filled are “traditionally non-partisan positions,” Scmitt said, and Biden’s choices show how disconnected he is from what average Americans expect.

They don’t want speech censors, “climate alarmists,” or activists who want to defund the police overseeing their lives and important agencies, said Schmitt.

North Carolina Senator Tedd Budd, a Republican, is a pilot and said he was not surprised that Biden’s own party pushed back against these unqualified nominees.

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