GOP Sen. Rick Scott Calls for the 25th Amendment

GOP Sen. Rick Scott Calls for the 25th Amendment

( – In 1967, Congress proposed the 25th Amendment, and the states ratified it in the wake of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. The amendment formally outlined the procedure for removing a president unable to perform his duties. Following the botched troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) raised serious questions about the future of the American presidency.

Scott launched a series of tweets questioning the invocation of the 25th Amendment beginning on Monday, August 16. His first tweet questioned Biden’s fitness to continue as president and whether the time was nigh to consider his removal.

On August 17, Scott called for a bipartisan and bicameral investigation into Biden’s failed withdrawal of US forces. He bolstered his claim for using the 25th Amendment in another tweet discussing Biden’s absence in the face of the mounting crisis in Afghanistan.

Scott followed up with several tweets the rest of the week renewing his call for a serious discussion regarding Biden’s fitness to lead the nation and demanding he either step up and do his job or step down.

Biden’s behavior does raise serious questions regarding his fitness to execute the duties of his office. For instance, he spent the weekend on vacation at Camp David as Afghanistan fell to the Taliban and headed back there shortly after his speech after refusing to take questions from reporters.

Whether or not Biden is fit to continue as president may ultimately be up to the American people.

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